Don Maurer

Don Maurer

Update from Don Maurer about Diane’s current Chemo-Therapy, Feb. 23, 2015

Don sent us this message from Diane’s family so we could pray for her, her husband and adult children.

“To our beloved family and friends:

We continue to be amazed at your support and faithful prayers on our behalf. We wish we could thank each of you face to face.

The Lord continues to direct our steps. Chemo started 1/5/15. It is 3 weeks on and 1 week off for a total of 18 treatments…..anticipated end date 6/8/15 (but who is counting?….ME!!! 🙂 ). The first 3 weeks went off without major side effects. The 2nd 3 weeks were quite different. Each week the nausea got worse and the insomnia also increased. One of the main ingredients in recovery is sleep.

On the positive side, We are 1/3 the way through. After 3 more treatments, We will be half way through.

There is an issue with a mass in my lower abdomen, which they discovered in a CT scan while in the hospital. They were going to remove it the same time as the pancreatic cancer, but the surgeon said it could wait. They believe it is benign.

We had a scare a few weeks back regarding the mass. The doctor said he wanted an MRI done to see if it were growing. If it had grown, he would have stopped chemo and done the surgery. Thankfully, the MRI showed insignificant growth. Needless to say, we were quite relieved. After chemo is all done, he will perform surgery.

Please pray for the following when you go before His throne of grace:
!. Praise God for His faithfulness.
2. Praise Him for the faithful body of prayer warriors.
3. Praise Him that surgery can wait.
4. Praise Him for the people we have met and that we will be an encouragement and witness.
5. Pray for mercy on the side effects and for perseverance.

We love you all.

In His service,
Paul, Diane, Danielle, and Sam”

Update from Don Maurer on Diane Deffenbaugh’s recovery, Nov. 18, 2014

Diane just got her pathology report. All margins are negative, and free of cancer cells! Praise God! Thank you all for praying. Please continue to pray for a swift recovery. Don”

Don’s update after Diane’s surgery, Nov. 17, 2014

I talked to Paul (Diane’s husband) last night, and, all things considered, things are going pretty well. Diane is now in a regular room, and is able to walk to and from her room. She originally hade two feeding tubes, but now has one, and is able to drink fluids. The doctors examined the spot where they removed part of her pancreas and stomach, and, so far, everything is clean. Praise God! They’ll know more when they receive the pathology report next week. If everything continues smoothly, she should be home later this week. Thanks for your prayers. Blessings. Don”

Update immediately after Diane’s surgery, 

“Dear praying friends,
I wanted to be sure that you got this update on Diana: We truly appreciate your prayers and concern for Diane and the family during this time. May God be praised in all the events today! First of all, surgery started a little later than expected. The obgyn found that they did not have to perform the partial/full hysterectomy (no action was taken at this time.) Praise the Lord!

Secondly, the pancreatic surgery went well. It was concluded in the early evening. We are truly appreciative of all our dear friends who have sustained us during this difficult, life-changing event. Diane is resting comfortably and the family is waiting to visit her in ICU. We continue to appreciate your prayers on her (and our!) behalf.


The Deffenbaugh Family”

Paul & Diane’s prayer request on Nov. 12, 2014 the night before her surgery,

“Hi Everyone,

I am scheduled for two surgeries tomorrow morning. The first is called the Whipple (pancreas surgery) and is quite extensive. Hopefully, they will only have to take the head of the pancreas out where the cancer resides. They will also take out part of the stomach. This surgery will take 6 hours. The second surgery is a partial hysterectomy with the option of doing a total one which will take another couple of hours.

I will be in ICU for 24-48 hours and in the hospital up to 2 weeks.

Please pray:
-that they will be able to remove the cancer do the least amount of surgery
-that they will be able to get it all
-that both surgeons will be alert and precise
-that the Lord will be with Paul, Danielle and Sam and family for it will be a long, emotional day.

Thank you for all of your prayers and support.

Love, Paul and Diane”

Don’s original prayer request, early Nov. 2014,

“Diane has been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, and she has pancreatitis, as well as some other abdominal concerns. Her surgeon says that it looks to be treatable and removable. Apparently, they diagnosed it early enough. The surgery was done on Wednesday, Nov. 12th. They removed cancer from her pancreas and tumors from her Fallopian tube. Pray for their grown children, Danielle, and Sam, that they may see the faith of their parents and emulate it. Pray that, in God’s providence, they will be able to remove all the cancer, as well as for Paul during her recovery and chemo treatments.”

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