Don Maurer

Update from Mary, Nathaniel’s mom, Thursday, January 23, 2014

“Nathaniel’s counts were improved today, so they have started the chemo.  They lowered the dosage of one of the drugs because it has affected his blood counts so much.  The good news is that, because of the lowered dosage, he will not have to stay as long and we should be discharged late tomorrow afternoon (Friday, January 24).  Yea!!!
Thanks for all of the support.  We are very blessed by the prayers and care shown by everyone.  We trust that God will carry us through this trial. Mary
Prayer Request from January 22, 2014, from Nathaniel’s mom, Mary,
“We expect for Nathaniel to resume chemo tomorrow, January 23rd. They will do a blood test as soon as we get to the hospital, and if his counts are acceptable, he will get the treatment over the next two days. Thanks for the prayers and love.  Mary”

Update from Don about Nathaniel, January 14, 2014

(From Mary Brown, Nathaniel’s mother, via Facebook)
“Thank you for all of the kind messages and prayers for Nathaniel. We had mixed news at the hospital today. The MRI was clear….that is wonderful news to us. He has recently had some nausea and vomiting, so I was a little anxious about the MRI. The doctors don’t really know why the nausea now, but considering what his body is going through, it is not totally surprising. The other news was that his white blood count was so low that he cannot get the next round of chemo today. They postponed it for 10 days, hoping that his counts will improve in that time. Meanwhile, I have to be careful that he does not get sick or any infections. Please pray that he will remain healthy even though his body has minimal immune responses right now. Thanks again for all of support. We now expect to go in to the hospital on the 23rd for the next round of chemo.”

Details of Don’s request from earlier this summer, 2013

“Please pray for Ken and Mary Brown’s 11-year-old son, Nathaniel, who had surgery to remove a brain tumor. The doctors won’t know whether they got it all or whether it is benign or malignant until later. He’s been throwing up, and just wants to sleep. Please pray for our Savior’s comfort for this family. In Christ, Don Maurer”

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