Rick Hangliter

Update from Rick on his wife Sally’s surgery, Thursday, August 8, 2013

“It may be a couple of weeks before I return to the Bravemen on Friday mornings.  Until Sally can use her hands for basic life skills I can’t leave her so early in the morning.  However, the surgery went well on both arms.  We were blessed with the surgeon, nurses, etc., as they were so friendly, loving, and competent.  The first night was extremely painful and sleepless, but God’s healing hands gave her much-needed relief and sleep by Wednesday night.  Her spirits are much better now the pain is subsiding.  God answered the prayers of many for surgical success and a reduction in pain.  THANK YOU, Bravemen!  Your brother in Christ, Rick”

Update from Rick on his wife Sally, Friday, August 2, 2013

“Sally’s surgery on both arms/wrists is scheduled for Monday at Butler Memorial Hospital.  Praying for a successful surgery, bearable painkiller-free post-op, and speedy recovery to resume normal activities.

The “joke” in our house and through our church is that Satan pushed her off the chair as she hung her very last decoration.  The entire theme of VBS week this week is about the real spiritual war being wages all around us in the invisible realm.  God is good despite the current circumstances.  Sally believes this truth as much as anyone. 

God bless, and have a great weekend! Rick”

Update from Rick on his son Evan and a new request for his wife Sally, Monday, July 29, 2013

“First, Evan is all but fully recovered from his broken back.  He must only avoid spine-compression activities like backpacking and carrying his golf clubs.  His recovery is a testimony of God’s remarkable power of healing.  Thank you to all the Brave Men for their prayers and support.

On Saturday, (July 27) while decorating for our church’s VBS, my wife Sally fell backwards off of a chair and broke both of her arms just above the wrist.  Fortunately, a couple that cleans our church was in the building at the time and was able to care for her and get her to MedExpress until my sons and I could arrive.  We have our first post-ER visit with a doctor tomorrow morning to determine if surgery on her left arm is necessary, or if we can just get casts put on them both and have them heal without surgery.  In the first two days since the accident we are overwhelmed by the love of friends and our incredible church family.  While Evan’s injury was more serious and traumatic, Sally’s requires 100% personal care.  She cannot perform any task requiring hands…..feeding herself, drinking, brushing teeth, bathroom, or even changing the channel on the TV….anything at this point. 

I pray that God gives me and my sons the most sacrificial hearts to care for Sally, and that we all develop a deeper appreciation for all that she does to support our family.  Help us be like Jesus toward her, yet heal her with your powerful healing hands (without the need for surgery).  I humbly ask that the Bravemen join me in this prayer.

Thank you, and God bless,

Rick Hangliter”

Update from Rick, May 3, 2013,

“Thank you  to the Bravemen for their prayers for Evan.  He is out of a back brace and has begun PT.  He is walking, driving again, chipping golf balls, and getting stronger every day.  Praise God for His incredible healing hand. Rick”

Update from Rick, March 21, 2013,

“Evan is now permitted to sit upright for short periods of time, and is able to walk on his own to the fridge and bathroom.  Very light Physical Therapy to start next week on his legs.  Slow progress, but it is progress.  God is good! Thanks, Rick”

Original prayer request, February, 2013

“My oldest son, Evan, 17, was visiting Liberty University with friends and our church’s Youth Leader.  On their final run down the SkiPlex, a carpeted outdoor ski mountain, Evan unintentionally went over what he thought was a small bump and flew 15’ up in the air.  He panicked by the surprise and landed on his back, resulting in compression fractures in three vertebrae. “ If you are ever going to break your back, this is how to do it”, said his doctor in VA, showing God’s mercy to my believing son.  He made it home, must wear a brace for a couple of months, and is in terrible pain.  My 6’2” solid-muscle son needs help to stand, help to walk, etc.  We are so blessed that he did not die, get paralyzed or head trauma.  We were so helpless seven hours away as we were getting updates from our Youth Leader.

Praise God that my son is home, and please pray a speedy recovery.  We have our first Pittsburgh doctor appointment tomorrow and pray that the prognosis is as positive as the doctors in Lynchburg shared with us.

As a substitute for church on Sunday since he got home at 2:20 a.m. and virtually immobile I played a recent lesson from Bruce for my whole family to enjoy.  That lesson was so much what our family needed about God always leading in triumph.  Bruce’s lesson, historical context of the parade in Roman times, and his illustrations from his life kept all three sons and my wife deeply  engaged throughout the lesson.  They loved it.  THANK YOU for these Bravemen lessons on the website!

God is good.


Rick Hangliter”

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