Ken Marchlenski

Friday, March 29, 2013

“My daughter of 29 had been very physically and mentally ill for about a decade now. She managed to have 3 children and no real husband ever. Well the kid’s father was a nice kid of 30 but a bad drug addict and he committed suicide in January. However, my daughter and the kids loved him very much. Anyway, my daughter took her own life via hanging in my home on March 4th. My Ex and her mother found her while the kids were still sleeping on that Monday morning. She of course is a mess and the kids are already getting some therapy. However, I’m now the co-parent of 3 young orphaned kids and I’m finding myself the ‘weak-link’ emotionally in all this as well.

That’s the story and if you can say a prayer at least. OK? 

Thanks and blessings,

Ken Marchlenski”

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